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Dear Universe: Thanks, but…

Dear Universe,

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Albuquerque, NM recon trip, Sept 2017.

Thank you for covering my six, but I really needed that job. Yes, I know, it wasn’t a good fit. I did my research. It was a paycheck though, something I could really use to pay my delinquent bills.

I will admit to being confused and hope that there is clarity and a remedy out there for this astro wannabe. I would certainly appreciate some help.

Again, thank you and gobble, gobble.



It’s Thanksgiving and I had a good cry this morning, the ugly sobbing kind that sent my youngest cat skittering down the hallway. I’m scared about my current situation. I’m failing at this whole life thing and I’m unsure what to do. I am still completely dumbfounded by Tuesday’s events.

My anxiety level is out to Pluto right now!

After searching for many, many moons, I started a new job on Tuesday morning. It was nothing special, and certainly not astro-related: office staff for a local business in the home building industry. It was income and considering my current financial situation, I was grateful for the opportunity.

Shortly after I arrived on site, the owner greeted me at the front desk and led me to accounting. The manager handed me paperwork to sign and then took me on a tour of the offices, introducing staff along the way. So far, so good.

Next came a tour of the warehouse with the owner explaining logistics and products. When we returned to the offices, he had me begin training on the ordering system. I was glad to be sitting with one person. My senses were on overload after meeting so many people, but I still felt good about everything, all in all.

I had been on the job for about an hour and a half when the owner came to me and said, “We’d like to see you in the conference room.” I followed him in where his wife, who worked there part-time, and the accounting manager were seated at the table.

The owner closed the door, turned to me and said, “We don’t have to give a reason, but this is not going to work. This is not a good fit for us.” BLAM! My anxiety went interstellar. He said some more about payment for the day and something else, I’m sure, but my head had exploded by then and I didn’t have full use of my ears, let alone any mental processing capacity.

I was a doe! I felt it, I saw it, I was it. Tunnel vision. Move legs. Get out of there.

I remember grabbing my coat, though I didn’t become fully conscious again until I was in my car. I took a few deep breaths to calm the throbbing pulse in my throat. What just happened? My brain was still a battlefield. All I could do was shake my head in disbelief and drive away.

But I really needed that job!

The last couple of days have been very ugly and, hence, the need for the ugly cry. But now, back to the real world. And what am I going to do?

The only vision I have for my life is my work here at WomanAstro.com. It’s never been about money, but it needs to be. That means I am going to step outside my box and ask for your help.

So, what am I going to do? Over the next few days I will set up sponsorships on this website and you can help. Please get in touch with me to talk about opportunities for you and/or your organization.

There are other ideas that have churned inside my head for far too long and deserve to see the world. I’m asking for your help to make them happen.

In the meantime, please visit this site often. Tell your friends and family, your neighbors and colleagues.

Thank you and wishing you the very best this holiday season.