Valentina’s Day, T-29, #WomanAstroHistoryMystery

Serova, Elena - NASASince we’re counting down to Valentina’s Day, I thought I would highlight Tereshkova’s comrades, of which there were only three as of November 2013. Oh, wait! Did a quick check online and there are a total of six cosmonauts as of September 2012, according to NASA’s Women In Space page.

More checking and I came across the Smithsonian’s Air and Space magazine with an article (link below) about Elena Serova published September 2014. It states that Elena was the fourth cosmonaut. So which one is right? Who are the other two women listed on the NASA site? And there’s two ways to spell Serova’s first name?

Like I was saying, there were three. That I know of. But, but NASA’s page…

It’s a #WomanAstro history mystery. I run across this all the time when I do research on the internet. Unfortunately, it’s where today’s youth goes for their information. If I get befuddled by what I find, I can only imagine the challenges for young girls interested in space. What about women’s history in other scientific disciplines? I’m not sure I want to know.

And we’re back to three (because it’s getting late). I’ve provided three links for each. I hope you enjoy!

So that’s how it goes for today. I’m obviously doing this by the seat of my pants and it is full of surprises. I haven’t studied astronauts/cosmonauts as I have women astronomers, so a lot of this is new to me. And in case you didn’t notice, not a lot of planning went into this. Okay, I didn’t plan anything. I just jumped right in. Sometimes that’s what you have to do.

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